As the summer begins, most people start thinking about slathering on the sunblock when they will be spending outdoors, in order to protect themselves from a sunburn, and of course skin cancer. While it is prudent to avoid baking yourself in the sun and ended up looking like a lobster (and in severe pain), the sun’s rays have many benefits that you should consider taking full advantage of.

Although too much sun can lead to skin cancer, the Vitamin D that is activated by the sun actually is cancer preventative in many ways. It acts as a signal to let your body know when cells need to die! Cell overgrowth is basically cancer, and so by alerting old cells to die off, the sunshine helps protect us from cancer.

Many people take calcium supplements, but don’t realize that too much supplementation can have detrimental effects. How about getting your calcium naturally? You certainly won’t overdose if you go this route. There are plentiful amounts of calcium in leafy greens, and their calcium uptake can be promoted by 5% by mixing in a little Vit D courtesy of our yellow friend in the sky. So go eat a yummy salad and then lie out on the beach… doctors orders :)

Of course there may be times when you will be exposing yourself to high amounts of sun, and need a little protection. In that case, you want to look for products that are natural, or as close to natural as possible. Keep in mind that anything you slather on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. So a sunscreen full of ingredients you can’t pronounce is not what you want to coating your precious body with. Oxybenzine is present in many sunscreens, and fortunately it’s not a carcinogen.. that is, not until it is exposed to the sun! Yep, that’s right. Once you use it for the purpose it was intended for in the product, it becomes carcinogenic!

Did you know that due to FDA terminology, only synthetic substances can be labeled with an SPF factor?? That means that natural products, like red raspberry seed oil which has an SPF equivalent of 25, cannot tout that claim on their packaging. So if you see an SPF rating on a product, you can be sure that it is not ’all natural’.

So what to do? When you need to protect yourself from overdosing on those warming rays, look for sunscreen with zinc oxide, and mostly natural ingredients. You can check the safety of a product at or HERE.

Also, check out for a product called “Everbody Loves the Sunshine”. This is an ALL natural product (thus no SPF rating) that gives your skin rich oils and nutrients to work WITH the sun, not against it!

Now, get off your computer and go soak up the sun!!!