Inflammation is believed by many to be the root cause of many diseases and disorders, such as diabetes, heart disease, and even obesity. To some degree, inflammation is a necessary part of our bodies healing process. But all too often, and mostly due to poor diet, the inflammatory response grows too strong.The food we eat every day plays a critical role in the inflammatory balance within our system. Read on to learn about three foods that will ease the inflammatory fires in your body:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV contains acetic acid, which is beneficial in a few ways. First, it helps the body more efficiently absorb iron. This is crucial as iron is an important mineral in the oxygen carrying molecules hemoglobin and myoglobin. Boosting oxygen levels increases both energy production and detoxification processes. The Acetic acid and active enzymes within the ACV also help the body metabolize protein and absorb the amino acids more effectively. This is a critical step for building healthy hormones and enzymes and repairing tissue. Through these mechanisms, ACV helps to recover from injury, excessive exercise, and states of chronic pain. Additionally, better enzymatic function will increase energy and sense of well-being. ACV is an acid on the outside of our body, but has an alkaline effect when it is digested within our body. This is the best of both worlds. As an acid it is a powerful sterilizer that is great for improving the quality of our skin & hair. Within the body, ACV balances our overall pH by providing alkaline buffering minerals in ionic potassium and magnesium. This benefit enhances overall energy production and detoxification processes. Be sure to purchase your ACV completely raw and unpasteurized.

2. Turmeric: This powerhouse is the 4th highest anti-oxidant rich herb The major ingredient curcumin is what gives turmeric its characteristic orange color. The curcuminoids within turmeric are said to be 5-8 times stronger at scavenging free radicals than Vitamin C & E. They help to cleanse & nourish your skin while balancing the skin`s natural microflora that protects you from infections. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. Additionally, curcuminoids have been labeled by many as some of the most powerful cancer fighting substances on the planet.

3. Oregano: Oregano is also extraordinarily high in antioxidant activity, ranking in as the 3rd highest herb. The primary anti-oxidant components are phenolic acids and flavonoids. Oregano oil has incredible anti-bacterial functions due to its high content of thymol, a powerful phenol. Additionally, oregano has been found to be the most effective substance against MRSA staph infections, beating out the 18 currently used anti-biotics in a recent study. Oregano oil has been classically used as a disinfectant, an aid for ear, nose, & throat/respiratory infections, candida, and any sort of bacterial or viral conditions. Additionally, it works to suppress inflammatory mediators and cancer cell production. Oregano oil is more potent than the dried herb; however, the dried version still contains many powerful health benefits.

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