We all have our own personal fears, and the times when we overcome our fears can be so gratifying. Sometimes our fears keep us confined, and limit us from growing and changing and learning. When we face our fears head on, and better yet conquer them, we are left with a sense of accomplishment and gratification that is priceless. But sometimes we need a little guidance, or a helping hand, to get past our limiting beliefs and move out into the realm of the seemingly impossible. A mentor can serve an excellent role in this regard. A mentor does not judge, but instead holds certain beliefs, and has the knowledge and experience to teach you the skills that will enable to reach your goals. I view myself as a mentor when it comes to my health coaching practice. I have information, and my objective is to translate it as wisdom and guidance to help my clients achieve their goals. The world is full of information, but sometimes we just need that extra push that can only come from someone who has walked the same path.

I had a taste of this first-hand last weekend when I experienced outdoor mountain climbing for the first time. Our guides, Nate and Chris, were the perfect example of what mentors should be. They were obviously very skilled in the art of mountain climbing, and so I looked to them with confidence to guide me through this daunting undertaking. What I found the most beneficial was the way they pushed me out my comfort zone. I have to admit, it was certainly a little scary being hundreds of feet from the ground, on the side of a mountain, and having to think about the decision of where to place my foot next and not slip and fall. There times I wanted to give up. There were times when my arms were fatigued and I was frustrated. There were times when I looked down and made the connection of what I was doing, and just wanted to be back on solid ground. I would yell down. "Ok, I want to get down now!" and they would shout back, "Don't give up Lori. Take a rest. Shake your arms out. Take a look around and think about it. It will be worth it when you reach the top".  This was a little irritating at first, because I REALLY wanted to get down! But I tried to be a good student, and took their advice. And when I reached the top of my last climb, my arms and legs were fatigued, but my pride was as strong as ever. I couldn't have done it without them. Sure, I physically did it on my own, but without that extra push and words of encouragement, I would have given up, and I would have never know how it felt to have that sense of accomplishment otherwise. That feeling has always been, and still remains, the goal I hope to achieve for my clients as well.

10/31/2010 18:19

Awesome, Lori!! I went rock climbing a couple of weeks ago and it was SO scary! But, like you said it feels so great getting to the top and conquering your fear. :) I also had great guides with me which helped a ton.

10/31/2010 18:39

Thanks Jackie! Yes, the guides make all the difference :)

Rich fowler
10/31/2010 19:27

Good job Lori..:) rock climbing is tons of fun, glad u made it thru... and you are a great guide.


11/01/2010 08:31

Awesome Lori,
Wow it really was high you are a speck on the rock. Good job! We miss you!

11/07/2010 19:57

Go Lori! Let's go indoor bouldering next time you're in WNY! Same intensity, but less scary!

11/08/2010 01:00

You have to believe in yourself. That's the secret of success.

02/28/2011 18:23

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03/22/2012 16:33

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